This year I decided to do something super-special for the love of my life. A stop motion Valentine’s Day message.
I’m sure this just knocks her socks off as I almost always forget to get cards for, well, for just about every occasion.
I decided I could do better than that.
Then I saw the word balloons at Cubeecraft and had the spark of an idea to create this stop motion Valentine to Jen.
Jen, you are my rock. I would be lost without you. Adrift. I can’t even find the words. I always have the words. But not now. You are my everything.
Will you be my Valentine?
The last 7 images from my Looking Back Image Series

Click to see this in its full-size glory!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Time Travel Tuesday.

As you can see, here is another installation of the images I have been featuring on my tumblr blog. If this is your first time checking this out, this is a year-long project for me, each day going back through my archive of photographs and selecting images to highlight and discuss. The end result of this project will be a memory book for us.

In this week’s installment, all of the images are from an Andes tour we took in Ecuador in 2008 and features the Devil’s Nose, rose farming and Tagua Nut carving amongst other things.

As ever, I invite you to follow along on the tumblr blog and learn the story behind each of these images.

Take care!


Good afternoon everyone!

I wanted to share with you the latest project of Houlden Studios. We have been caught by the video bug here at the studio and yesterday we created a cool little instructional film for Quilts by Jen.

You see, Jen has been writing articles for her site every day lately. She is sharing all kinds of great tips, hints, techniques, tools of the trade and information to her quilting community. She actually took some inspiration from David Ziser’s blog – every day has a theme. It helps to focus her writing energies by having an established schedule for her posts.

For example, she writes Technique Tuesday to share some of the quilting techniques she uses to create her fabulous quilts. With Stash Blasting Wednesday Jen creates quilt blocks from her stash of fabric and shows a number of different quilt patterns which can be created with the block.

What we have found is that some of the technique posts are quite involved and lengthy. After last week’s post I suggested she start creating a video tutorial to go along with her explanations on Technique Tuesday.

This week, we put our new Olympus OMD E-M5 camera to work creating a video on a no waste method of creating Flying Geese quilt blocks. It was a fun little project and I was able to put some of the skills to work which I learned from the guys on the Get in Motion video workshops.

I wanted to share this film with you today and I also thought it might inspire your thoughts about how film can fit into traditional portraiture to create something entirely unique.

With out further ado, here is the instructional video we created for Jen yesterday:

the last 7 images from my Looking Back Image Series

Click to see this in its full-size glory!

Welcome back to Time Travel Tuesday.

I had full intentions of posting some portraits after last week’s Time Travel Tuesday poster, but life got in the way again and here we are on Time Travel Tuesday again. I hope you’re enjoying these images as much as I have been enjoying going through my archive and finding these gems to share and talk about.

This week I shared a couple images from a patterns photo walk, an Outback Rodeo and then we started into some of the photographs I created when we visited Ecuador a few years ago.

I invite you to follow my tumblr blog for a daily photo-story!

Take care and we’ll catch you on the next post!

The last 7 images in my Looking Back Series

Click to see this in all it’s full size glory!

I thought it would be kind of neat to post a collage every week of the images I have selected for my Looking Back series over the past 7 days.

To that end, here is my first “Time Travel Tuesday” post which will be a recurring weekly feature on the Houlden Studios blog.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for Tuesday to see which images I have selected over the past week. You can follow along on my tumblr blog or keep an eye on the photos and caption snippets in the sidebar of this blog. The past five days of my retrospective series are show in the sidebar. Click the date at the end of the caption snippet to go to tumblr and see the image full size and the entire text.

The stories posted along with the images are a combination of a description of where, when, what the image is about as well as, often, a discussion on what makes the photograph work compositionally or why it fails or just how it could have been stronger had I spent more time on it, or the conditions been different, or what have you.

Most of the images are being selected on their compositional merit, but here and there I am selecting an image as a conversation point or because I want to highlight a particular event or point. The end goal of this exercise will be the publishing of book of photographs at the end of the year. A personal publication to be sure – hence why some images will simply be images highlighting an event.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me on tumblr each day or on Tuesday’s when I publish the weekly roundup here.


Barrie Orillia Family Photographer

This past summer we got together with the Greens to create their family portraits. I had found this huge field of Queen Anne’s Lace in a farmer’s field left to fallow for several years. I thought it would be a perfect place for their portraits. What I hadn’t anticipated was how difficult it is to walk through Queen Anne’s Lace, despite how pretty it is. Regardless of the walking challenge, we created some truly wonderful portraits for them. Of those portraits, this one is my favourite by a long shot. Sure, we have some really nice portraits of them looking a little bit more towards the camera than this one but there’s a powerful pull for me in this image.

Every time I look at this image, I wonder what they were talking about, what stories they were crafting about the field of wildflowers. I also feel a sense of them embarking on a journey into an exciting future or adventure.

For sure I’ll share some more images from the Green’s session in the future, but for now, I just want this single image to stand on its own, without the distractions of other images.