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Wedding couple enjoying fireworks in Parry Sound Muskoka cottage wedding

This past weekend I had the honour of photographing Eliza and Nick’s wedding in a fabulous cottage country setting. Set on the shores of Ahmic Lake in Magnetawan, Parry Sound this multi-family cottage compound was a spectacular setting for their very special day. Amongst the many special details of the day was a grande finale fireworks display and I just had to share this image right away!

More to come.


Hey there everyone,

What a day it’s been.  It is hard for me to believe that this is only day 2 of 5 days of Master Class on lighting and composition.  My brain is full and I just can’t wait to get to bed to recharge for tomorrow.   It boggles my mind that just this morning I logged a personal best pace on an 8.6km run.  I finally broke the 5min/km barrier.  Wohoo!

But, this post isn’t about running, as exciting as that may be to some.  No, today’s post is about the some of the things I’ve learned and experienced these last two days in Kentucky.

Yesterday was a classroom day with David Ziser talking with us about how he goes about lighting and composing his portrait images.  Really facinatating discussion, part review and a whole lot of a-ha going on.

Today was all shooting, all day.  We started off the morning with David demonstrating his technique in the unbelievably gorgeous Mother of God church in Cincinatti.  Built in the 1800s, this church has the most incredible stained glass and painted frescoes on the walls and ceilings.  Stunning.  Truly.  I captured a quick series for an HDR conversion when I get back home and I’ll put that up next week so you can see these frescoes.

After a wicked lunch of BLFGT sanga – that’s a Bacon Lettuce & Fried Green Tomato (YUM!!!!!!!!) sandwich – we worked in small groups in various locations of the church swapping locations, models and coaches whilst creating some fabulous portraits with a trio of truly lovely ladies.  As you can see from the images, today clearly had a wedding theme.  Tomorrow, after having our images critiqued by David and LaDawn, we’re off to the park for a more casual experience.

With that, I’ll leave you with these images from today’s sessions and bid you a good night!


I was pretty stoked when these two albums were delivered to our studio.  Jen and I had been eagerly anticipating their arrival ever since Jen finished the design work and we had shipped off the files to Queensberry in New Zealand.  A two album set in fact.

But first, a little about this Bride and Groom.  Jennifer and Matt are teachers together in Alliston, Ontario.  Math teachers, as it happens.  I know what you’re thinking, but no, this wasn’t your typical office (classroom?!?) romance.  Things didn’t start to click for these two until they started playing rec hockey together and sharing the drive and then catching something to eat along the way.


Yes, this is definitely a hockey romance.  I would have to say that hockey is dominant theme in both of their lives.  As long as I’ve known Jennifer, it’s always been hockey this and hockey that, here a tournament, there a tournament.  Then suddenly she was off to university, and not just any old school. Jennifer was off to UConn on a full 5 year ride to play hockey whilst studying to become a teacher.

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