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When we launched the website for our family and children’s photography a few weeks ago I mentioned my friend Pamela Joye and what a huge influence she had on the development and refinement of our presentation.  I can’t thank Pamela enough for the time and energy she shared with me while we developed our site and our focus.  I also promised at the time to write a bit more about Pamela and her art.  At the time I envisioned an interview-style piece directly with her, learning about her inspirations, focus, priorities and art.  While I would still like to do this, today Pamela publicly presented her most recent personal project, the Little Witches of Salem, so I felt it timely to put this short piece together.

Pamela lives in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the infamous witch trials, where she is focused on producing fine art, soulful black and white photojournalistic portraiture.  Her’s is a business that is focused on following your family for an entire year and creating showcase art and albums that celebrate a year of your family’s life.  It’s been a huge commitment and challenge for her.  It’s a narrow niche.  It’s a trying economic time.  It’s a significant investment.  The results, however, are extraordinary.  I’ve reviewed some of her recent sessions and her talent of capturing authentic moments in time in a family’s life and their interactions with one another is brilliant.

Whilst focused on building this niche product, Pamela has also been pursuing a fine art personal project to present her take on witchery in Salem.  The result of this project is her showing of “The Little Witches of Salem”.  Asked to detail her concept for this project, Pamela replied:

The concept of the “Little Witches” challenges the stereotypes associated with a “witch” as one who is dark, mysterious, powerful and one to fear. My point of view presents an alternative view of a witch symbolized by little girls (I worked with seven year old twins) dressed in whimsical clothing roaming the streets of Salem. The point is to equate a witch to the magic of the freedoms we had when we were kids –to laugh, dance, play, smile, say what we felt at any time. The images provide a memory of what it was like to live in the moment and to lose oneself in things that made one smile. That is my definition of magical living…of being a “witch”.

Putting a project of this scale together is obviously not something that one does in isolation but rather collaboration.  Assisting in the development of the concept, design and styling and providing the art direction was Damien Delaney.  Providing fashion design was Alikya Wingate.

At this time I invite you to head on over to Pamela’s site and check out the slideshow she has put together to showcase this work.