Female mountain bike rider on an elevated skinny platform

Shortly after creating these mountain bike portraits for my friend John, I got out for a ride with Arienne and had the camera along again. Stopping at a couple of great locations we created these portraits for Arienne. Arienne then offered trip the shutter for me so I could get a couple portraits of my own. (Yay, thanks Arienne!)

Then, just as we were finishing up our ride, we came up to a feature Arienne had constructed earlier this year. Okay, Arienne, how do you feel about riding this skinny while a blast you in the face with a flash? Always an upbeat, try-anything-that-won’t-hurt, kinda gal, she was game for it. Glad she was. Love this image at the top, especially since it her own trail feature!

Well, here are the rest of here portraits along with one of me, too!