Good afternoon everyone!

I wanted to share with you the latest project of Houlden Studios. We have been caught by the video bug here at the studio and yesterday we created a cool little instructional film for Quilts by Jen.

You see, Jen has been writing articles for her site every day lately. She is sharing all kinds of great tips, hints, techniques, tools of the trade and information to her quilting community. She actually took some inspiration from David Ziser’s blog – every day has a theme. It helps to focus her writing energies by having an established schedule for her posts.

For example, she writes Technique Tuesday to share some of the quilting techniques she uses to create her fabulous quilts. With Stash Blasting Wednesday Jen creates quilt blocks from her stash of fabric and shows a number of different quilt patterns which can be created with the block.

What we have found is that some of the technique posts are quite involved and lengthy. After last week’s post I suggested she start creating a video tutorial to go along with her explanations on Technique Tuesday.

This week, we put our new Olympus OMD E-M5 camera to work creating a video on a no waste method of creating Flying Geese quilt blocks. It was a fun little project and I was able to put some of the skills to work which I learned from the guys on the Get in Motion video workshops.

I wanted to share this film with you today and I also thought it might inspire your thoughts about how film can fit into traditional portraiture to create something entirely unique.

With out further ado, here is the instructional video we created for Jen yesterday: