The last 7 images in my Looking Back Series

Click to see this in all it’s full size glory!

I thought it would be kind of neat to post a collage every week of the images I have selected for my Looking Back series over the past 7 days.

To that end, here is my first “Time Travel Tuesday” post which will be a recurring weekly feature on the Houlden Studios blog.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for Tuesday to see which images I have selected over the past week. You can follow along on my tumblr blog or keep an eye on the photos and caption snippets in the sidebar of this blog. The past five days of my retrospective series are show in the sidebar. Click the date at the end of the caption snippet to go to tumblr and see the image full size and the entire text.

The stories posted along with the images are a combination of a description of where, when, what the image is about as well as, often, a discussion on what makes the photograph work compositionally or why it fails or just how it could have been stronger had I spent more time on it, or the conditions been different, or what have you.

Most of the images are being selected on their compositional merit, but here and there I am selecting an image as a conversation point or because I want to highlight a particular event or point. The end goal of this exercise will be the publishing of book of photographs at the end of the year. A personal publication to be sure – hence why some images will simply be images highlighting an event.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me on tumblr each day or on Tuesday’s when I publish the weekly roundup here.