Happy New Year Photo

Portrait by Luca Ragogna

Well, that’s the end of 2012 I suppose, eh?

Not a bad year, really.  We had some great events in the first half of the year – Fighting Cancer at the sugar shack in early spring and the Pet Event at the OSPCA’s Walk-a-thon in June.  Met some fabulous families as we created some really beautiful portraits for them. Some of these portraits have already been featured, some are still waiting for the final reveals to the families and some are withheld out of respect of the privacy wishes of our clients.

We also had some huge fun working on some mountain biking portraiture, most notably working with the fabulous crew at ProAction Mountain Biking Club.  I’m already looking forward to working with them again this year when biking season opens up again.

So, what’s on tap for 2013?

We have a huge list of ideas in the concept stage. From a Sugarbush Pet Calendar and Book Project to really getting deep with sports portraiture. (Hint, if you know a teen athlete who’d like to model for us, let us know as we’re seeking models to get this thing kicked off.) We’ve opened the conversation with Team Hardwood to help them with their fund raising efforts for the Nordic Ski team there. Planning for some more OSPCA fund raising events and I’m quite sure we’ll be back at the Sugar Shack again this year for some more fun and laughs – thinking about how we can mix that up for something really different this time.

Oh and lest I forget, Jen’s good friend Ruth Blanchet of Arbee Designs has double dog dared us to take on 365 Day Challenges. What’s that? Well, Jen has committed to blog on her Quilts by Jen site every day of 2013!

And me? Well, I’ve made two 365 day commitments (what on earth am I thinking!!!). First? I’m going to post a photo everyday for the next 365. Not necessarily a new photo, this isn’t a “take a photo-a-day” challenge, instead my challenge is to review my archive and every day highlight a photo that hasn’t seen the light of day since it was taken. For some of you, that means, yes, finally I will be presenting images from our fabulous photo trip to Ecuador! Yay!  At the end of the year, I’m going to print a book of all 365 photos. Fun. I need to decide in the next 11h and 45min if I’m going to do this chronologically or just go archive-diving each day. Hmmm. Chaos or system?

Second? A couple days ago, I discovered Cubeecraft. Cubeecraft is a website that presents folding paper crafts and in particular, cube shaped characters from pop culture (video games, movies, etc) like this one of R2D2:

R2D2 Cubeecraft

R2D2 Cubeecraft

For some crazy reason I decided that I would print, cut, fold, photograph and present a new Cubeecraft every day. Oh dear! Anyway, I’m not going to clog this blog with those images every day. Instead I’ll be starting up a Tumblr feed for them, so stay tuned for the link.