Innisfil Beach Multigeneration Family Portrait

Hi everyone!

This past summer I had the privilege of photographing another multi-generational family portrait.  Geez, I really love creating portraits that span the generations.  I think, too often, these moments are left as fleeting after thoughts attached to family gatherings like weddings and funerals.  Everyone’s together, for sure, but the photographer really is under the pump at these events so creating a relaxed, engaging portrait of the whole family is generally not on the cards.  Too, everyone is dressed up, which is great for a formal portrait though a relaxed casual portrait is just somehow out of place with everyone in their finest, ya know?

Anyhow, I connected with this wonderful family from Newmarket through our charity events at the Sugar Shack this past winter.  As with most large family portraits with grown and married children and subsequent grandchildren, it did take a fair bit of schedule finessing on everyone’s part to get a date that would work.  Everything came together beautifully in the end and we all met at a small woodlot in Innisfil to create their portrait.  While the full family portrait turned out magnificently, was very well received by the family and is now hanging as a 30 inch canvas over their mantle, it was this image of the grandparents with their grandchildren that really made me smile.

In fact, Joanne, the matriarch of this terrific family had this to say about the experience:

Michael, we are so happy with our family photos. Our canvas print is gorgeous and looks amazing on our wall. I thought it would have been a challenge with 7 adults, 1 baby, 3 toddlers and our dog Marley but it was well orchestrated. Its been a pleasure meeting you and Jen and hope to see you again. Thank you, Joanne, Mike and family.

As a photographer, there really isn’t any better feeling than setting up a scene, capturing the moment and creating a joyful portrait like this one.  So, I’m honoured to be able to share it with you today.

With Christmas and New Years rapidly approaching, this is one of those great opportunities for a family portrait of your own, so start planning now.

Alright everyone, until the next post…