Wardrobe Example for Casual Portrait Session

Wardrobe Example For A Casual Family Portrait Session – Compliments of Blink Branding & Design

“What should we wear?”

This is probably our most commonly asked question when we are consulting with our clients prior to a portrait session. Often this question is asked in an off-hand, casual manual.  Indeed, one of the biggest contributors to the look of your portrait (and consequently, how much you love it!) are your wardrobe choices.

If you are looking for a formal portrait for a formal dining room furnished in dark antiques, it doesn’t really make sense to have everyone dressed in brightly coloured, casual clothing and photographed in a relaxed, candid moment, does it?  A dressier wardrobe choice with the family posed in a more traditional style will fit the decor of that formal dining room much better, right?  Of course, traditional style doesn’t have to mean stiff and awkward! On the other hand, you might be planning to display your family portrait in a very relaxed, bright and comfortable family room with lots of natural light flooding into it.  That more formal portrait is going to look a bit out of place here, so we would suggest a clothing choice that is more relaxed and casual and then create portraits which capture your family in a relaxed moment, interacting with each other and not necessarily appearing to be aware of the photographer creating the portrait.

When we start to talk about clothing choices for portraits with a casual feel to them, it can be seem a bit overwhelming trying to work out what everyone should wear.  Most everyone understands how to coordinate clothing for a formal portrait as this is pretty easy to do by selecting shirts the same colour and pants and skirts the same colour.  Note that a semi-formal look can be created even in jeans.  However, when we get to a casual look, well… how about I just give you some ideas and you’ll see what I mean.

When we start talking about wardrobe choices one of our favourite ways to describe it is to ask our clients to imagine if just one person were to wear everything, would they still look good?  Of course, I’m not suggesting that Dad wear the little girl’s dress!  What I’m talking about are the colours and patterns of the clothing.  Do they clash if they are all assembled into one outfit?  Moms are usually pretty good at knowing if clothing choices clash!  Not always though, so Jen has an awesome eye for spotting clash hazards and is ready to help!

A particularly effective wardrobe planning technique is to choose a dress or blouse with a fine, multi-coloured print pattern for your daughter to wear.  Then, pulling from the colours in your daughter’s dress, you can create outfits for everyone else.

The wardrobe selection at the top of this page, created by a friend of mine at Blink Branding & Design, is a great example of this last method.  The tight pattern on the girl’s dress isn’t big and loud, so it won’t be distracting.  The main colours, red and purple, of her dress pattern are then pulled out for the rest of the family’s outfits – blue for dad’s and the boy’s outfit and the red for mom’s dress.  By coordinating like this the whole family pulls together really well AND all the smaller combinations are going to look great too (Dad with son, Dad with daughter, mom with son, mom with daughter, son and daughter together).  You can also see how you could put all these colours and patterns on a single person and not have any clashing – so it passes the single person test with flying colours.

It’s so important to consider wardrobe styling in preparation for your portrait session and to have a really good conversation with your photographer about this.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in having portraits created is not working out a coordinated wardrobe that fits with the style of portraiture being created.

One of the things that sets us apart from other studios is that all of our portrait sessions include a consultation session prior to our clients booking with us.  In fact, we provide this as complimentary service to everyone who inquires about portraits, regardless of whether they commission us or not, because we believe it is an absolutely vital step in creating portraits you love.  We accomplish many things during this consultation.  We get to know you.  You get to know us.  We learn about what types of photography you like and don’t like, how you plan to decorate your home with your portraits, the style of decorating you prefer, to name a few.  All of this information helps us ensure that we create images that you not only love and will treasure forever, but that will look spectacular in your home and fit with your decorating style.

Can you just imagine how awesome your portraits will be when you both adore the portrait AND it fits into your home and lifestyle perfectly?