Hey there everyone,

There’s been heaps going on around Houlden Studios lately and I have many blog posts waiting in the wings to be written and published.  Stay tuned around here over the next couple of weeks as I fill you all in on all the goodness of the past couple of months.

I wanted to very quickly share with you the results and photographs from our most recent charitable event.

Back in late winter we met with the Orillia SPCA to find out how we might work with them to help with their fundraising.  They told us about their Friends for Life walk-a-thon, one of two of their major, annual fund raisers.  After learning a bit more about the walk-a-thon, we put plans in motion to set up our charitable photo booth and create Facebook Profile photos of the participants’ dogs.

I’ve gotta say, we had an absolute blast creating these pet portraits.  It was definitely hard work though, lemme tell you!  Some of the fabulous furry buddies were very well behaved and posed magnificently.  Others, though, well, required a bit of patience, a whole lot of time and a sprinkling of luck.  You know, I wasn’t 100% convinced that we nailed it for every dog when we were packing up, but by the time I had the images downloaded and started looking at them on the big screen… wow!  Once again, we created some terrific pet portraits.

While I loved shooting these dogs, I loved even more getting out and around meeting all the dogs and owners that had come out to help support the SPCA with the walk-a-thon.  I met some pretty cool people and some really awesome dogs, even if I didn’t get to photograph them all.

As for the set up for these, I decided to try something a bit different from our previous photo booth set ups.  Instead of setting up a backdrop or using a wall as a background I decided to shoot into the light with Orillia’s Lake Couchiching as the background.  With the sun coming in from rear camera left, I set up a strobe rear camera right and a key light at camera left.  This created a lot more definition in my photo booth lighting than previous set ups.  I am really thrilled with how this turned out.  Yay!

Okay, without further ado, here’s a very short, very fun video slideshow of the pets and some of the people, too, who we photographed during the walk-a-thon.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave us a note in the comments below.

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