Hey there everyone,

I’m pretty excited to be showing you these images today.  Earlier this week I had organised to get together with a couple of mountain bike instructors at Hardwood Ski & Bike to have a bit of fun creating some awesome sports lifestyle portraits.  Yes, you’re quite right, these are the same two instructors who helped me out with some cross country skiing portraits at the end of the winter this year.

When I was down in Cincinatti a couple of weeks ago with LaDawn and David Ziser honing my portrait and wedding portrait skills I had the chance to chat with David about niching down our family portrait studio into sports lifestyle portraits.  Everyone I bounced my ideas off thought this was an awesome way to create a real niche for our business.  Getting that niche right is really hard work.  I distinctly recall how tough Dane Sanders was on us at the Fasttrack Workshop last August. He was adamant that we could not be truly successful until we identified what it was that each of us was uniquely intended to do.  Identifying this niche has taken a lot of time and consideration and it really wasn’t until late in the winter and early this spring that I started getting a feel for what I really wanted to pursue with my photography.

I knew it had to involve families and children.  Anyone who has worked with us will attest to how alive I become when I’m interacting with and photographing children.  I also love the opportunity to create meaningful portraits for families.  There are precious few family portraits in my family history and most of them are big wedding family pictures.  I don’t really have a sense of what my parents were like at my age and younger with their young family, so it is really important to me to create these images for our clients.

Mountain Bike Sports Portrait Photographer

Thing is, family portraits isn’t a particularly unique niche.  As I was reminded at Ziser’s workshop – its the differences that make the difference in this business.

Enter Family Sports Lifestyle Portraits.  Whether it’s horseback riding, mountain biking, golf, disc golf, camping, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, whatever your family is passionate about, that’s what we are all about.  Jen and I are passionate about active lifestyles.  We bike, ski, paddle, run, camp, hike.  So we’ve put these two passions – family photography and sports – together.

Mountain Bike Sports Portrait Photographer

Back to these images.  I can’t show you what we can do without showing what we can do, can I?  Sounds like a bit of a circle there, eh?  Right, so, I need volunteers to help create some examples to show people. This is what Arienne and Sharon from Hardwood were helping out with this week.

Like I said, I’m pretty excited to be showing you these images and I would love to hear what you think.  Let me know in the comments!

Mountain Bike Sports Portrait Photographer

Also, for a very limited time and for a very limited number of people we are offering some pretty awesome incentives for helping us build out this portfolio.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in modelling for us – kids, teens, couples, families – drop us an email or a phone call.  Did I say awesome incentives?  I’m talking like over 75% our regular studio prices.  So yeah, really awesome, but once we have a handful of these sessions booked, the incentives go away, so first come – first served!

Mountain Bike Sports Portrait Photographer