Oh my, I appear to be repeating myself.  But seriously… wow!  Drat, did it again.  Unusual for me, but I’m actually at a loss for superlatives to describe just how awesome my weekend with Jules Bianchi and Joy BianchiBrown was.

First, perhaps a bit of back story, eh?

After I got back from a fantastic Master Class with David Ziser in Cincinatti (yeah, I still owe you a blog post about that experience!) I saw an email in my inbox from CreativeLive reminding me that there was still time to submit a promo video for Jules’ and Joy’s Marketing to Moms workshop in Seattle.  “Ah, I’ll never win that!” I thought.

A couple days later though, I noticed it was the last day to submit a video so I clicked on my iSight camera, blah blah blah-ed for 60s about why Jules and Joy should pick me to attend their workshop, saved and uploaded it before I had a chance to think twice about it.  (And, just for the record, NO – I’m not going to link to that video!  Far too much of my inner-dork shows through on that one. haha!)

Anyway, short story shorter – they picked me along with 5 other sensational photographers from the US to attend their workshop as it was being recorded and broadcast live on the Internet.

So, to Seattle I went.  There I met some fabulous photographers (Julie Pergitone Croff, Joni James, Dan Troutman, Kristin Tetuán and Christiana Sloop Childers) with whom I would be sharing the workshop experience.

It’s interesting you know.  Words like marketing and sales so often strike fear into the hearts of artists such as ourselves while at the same time they leave a sense of distrust in the minds of our clients.  So, I sort of feel almost dirty telling people that I was at a workshop on marketing and sales.  Here’s the thing though – marketing is simply the process of letting people know that we exist and what our service is – and done well the message reaches people that are interested in and value our service.  And sales (almost a four letter word for some people) is simply the process of determining what our clients desire and then delivering it to them.  Pure and simple.  No ugly monsters.  No scary ghosts.

Phew, well I’m glad that I got that off my chest.  LOL.  Yeah, so, that’s what we spent 3 days learning – how to find and engage people that will be interested in and value our services and then how to determine just what it is they want and delivering it to them.

Okay, yeah, I’m simplifying things a bit, but I totally learned a heap from this workshop and we’ve already started changing how we approach things at Houlden Studios.

So stay tuned for some pretty cool stuff coming up in the next little while!

Oh, and I can barely wait to tell you about how we met Riley and Abby and ended up photographing their engagement in real-time…. but that’s another story and you’ll be reading about that soon enough.

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