Hey there everyone,

I’m sitting here in my hotel room in Florence, Kentucky just across the river from Cincinatti waiting to head out for dinner and I just thought I would write a quick blog post to share this really awesome story of perseverance with you.

What am I doing in Kentucky? Yeah, not a bad question. I’m down here attending a Master Class with the fantastic photographer, David Ziser. 5 days of lighting, composition and business discussion and practise so that I can do an even better job delivering results to you that blows your socks off.

More on that later. We are shooting all day tomorrow and Wednesday and I’ll post a few images on the blog tomorrow evening. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be an awesome day.

Right so, this story of perseverance…

When I checked in on the Better Together Facebook group this morning before breakfast I saw a post from Dane Sanders about a boy named Caine. Now, there’s a lot special going on with 9 year old Caine and I won’t spoil all of the fun for you, but the point I wanted to share with you is this little boy decided to do something he wanted to do. He absolutely loved what he was doing and kept on doing it despite the fact that no one appeared interested in what he was doing. And then, one day, all that changes…. In a HUGE way.
I’m going to leave you with this video and the link to Caine’s website so you can see the whole story, but I’m telling you know, you want to watch this video, especially if you’ve ever wondered if there is still any good left in this world of ours.

Here’s the video: