You know that awesome, excited feeling you get whenever the doorbell rings?  Or, at least, whenever the doorbell rings when you’re expecting a delivery? Er, um, when you know that delivery is by UPS and you have been expecting something really exciting to arrive?

Yeah.  That was me yesterday.  Big Time.

A couple weeks ago we decided to bring in some samples from a framing company that has had our eye for months now.  Wild Sorbet.  The gals at Wild Sorbet have been creating these incredibly unique, colourful and fun frames for a few years now and when we learned about them last year, we just knew we had to start offering them for our clients as a custom upgrade to our framing choices.

So, back to our delivery yesterday.  Woot.  When we opened up the box and saw the fun packaging they used, we were totally impressed.  It’s kinda funny what a packaging junky I’ve become this past year.  I love it when businesses go out of their way to package in interesting, attractive and exceptional ways.  It really says to me that they value everything about their product and they value it so much that they want their customers to know it with every touch point they have.

Does this mean the products cost a bit more?  Sure.  But it says sooo much about the quality of the company that it is so totally worth it.

Anyway, the slideshow above gives you an idea of what these frames look like and the awesome colours available.  Stay tuned to see some finished frames up on the wall when we get them in and in the meantime check out the sample gallery at Wild Sorbet’s right here.