Ice Fishing with Friends In Yellowknife

This week was a real eye-opener for me as I was sifting through my archive of photos from the past 11 years looking for images to use in a special project I’m working on.  I noticed an interesting trend in my photography.  As my image making improved over the years, the types of images I created changed too.  When I bought my first digital camera at the turn of the century, sure I tried to create artistic images, but most of my pictures were more snap-shoty (is that a word?).  In a time when most people didn’t have digital cameras and camera phones hadn’t even been considered, I took my camera everywhere and took snapshots of everyone and everything that was going on.  It was great.

It was great, but my images were pretty ordinary.  Sure enough though, over time, the images I was crafting improved, became more artistic, interesting and worth talking about.  What I didn’t realise was happening at the same time, is that I wasn’t taking as many snapshots.  Now, when I think about it, I realise that as my image crafting improved, I started to get snobby about making them.  I’m only going to make an image here if I can make an interesting, great, or cool image.  At some point along the line I reached a point where I totally stopped taking snapshots.  And this is where things get a bit sad for me.  I have a whole block of my life where there aren’t any snapshots because I was “too cool” for that, or at least, I thought so anyway.  On top of that, we weren’t in the habit of visiting a portrait photographer, so really, there’s this block of time in my life where there really aren’t very many pictures of Jen and I at all.

What I want to leave you with is this idea.  Yes, professionally crafted images are important for marking the milestones of your life, but please, don’t stop taking snapshots either!  Snapshots are vitally important in remembering the things that happen through our lives.  Keep those snapshots, save them, back them up, treasure them like the gold they are.  On the very same hand though, make sure you build a relationship with an exceptional professional photographer who will craft remarkable images of you and your family at regular intervals in your life so you can display them in your home and craft beautiful albums to treasure forever.  Just remember that the snapshots fill in all the little gaps in your life in between those visits to your photographer.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!