I was pretty stoked when these two albums were delivered to our studio.  Jen and I had been eagerly anticipating their arrival ever since Jen finished the design work and we had shipped off the files to Queensberry in New Zealand.  A two album set in fact.

But first, a little about this Bride and Groom.  Jennifer and Matt are teachers together in Alliston, Ontario.  Math teachers, as it happens.  I know what you’re thinking, but no, this wasn’t your typical office (classroom?!?) romance.  Things didn’t start to click for these two until they started playing rec hockey together and sharing the drive and then catching something to eat along the way.


Yes, this is definitely a hockey romance.  I would have to say that hockey is dominant theme in both of their lives.  As long as I’ve known Jennifer, it’s always been hockey this and hockey that, here a tournament, there a tournament.  Then suddenly she was off to university, and not just any old school. Jennifer was off to UConn on a full 5 year ride to play hockey whilst studying to become a teacher.

Hockey is equally important in Matt’s family too, with many a hockey tale told during the speeches on their special night.

Speaking of the special night, Matt and Jennifer had conveniently scheduled their wedding to coincide with a Stanley Cup final game with Vancouver in the driver’s seat (sorry Vancouver, it didn’t work out this time).  As you might expect with two such hockey-focused families, the dance floor was a wee bit quite at Tangle Creek Golf Club until the game finished up; much to the frustration of the DJ who didn’t realise that this wasn’t a reflection of his tremendous skills.

Back to the albums though, originally planning for a 20 page traditional Queensberry feature album, we quickly realised that there were too many photos for just one album and decided that the best solution was to split the photos into two albums.  The first, a 20 page matted feature album we titled “The Love Album” and the second, a 20 page flush mount press album titled “The People & The Party”.  The result?  Fabulous.

Click play on the slideshows below to see the albums designed by Jen.

The Love Album

The People & The Party Album

(And huge props to Patricia Denney from Simply Yours Decorating for the fabulously subtle decorating.)