Christmas Cards?  I know right?  It’s that time again already!  I was working at The Creative Space today, a really cool creative coworking space in Barrie, when I overheard someone call out “30 days to Christmas!”  Holy cow.  Merry ho-ho is nearly here again.

This year I thought I would be clever and put my Wish List into a shared Evernote notebook that I can share with my family so they can see what I might gush over if it happened to appear out of Santa’s Sac this year.  The best part, of course, is that it’s a living, updating document so I can add to it and they instantly have access to the latest and greatest.  I can even add pictures and URLs so they get just the right thing, even order right from their computer and not have to go driving all over the county looking for it and getting upsold by some eager commission-based salesperson…

Ah, but I digress…

What I’m wondering is?  What are you doing for your Holiday Cards this year?  While time is starting to get tight to do something as creative as thsee cards we’ve designed for our friends and clients but the window hasn’t closed yet.  Or, if things are a bit hectic now in the lead-up to year’s end, how about putting together New Year’s Cards to go out with your family letter in the New Year.

Or, if yours is like many families, you have family members scattered all over the province, country, even the world and getting together for a family portrait is pretty challenging.  We will be around during the Holiday break and available to get together with you while the whole family is together for the holidays and create a beautiful portrait of all your loved ones.

Everyone not going to be in the same place at the same time?  Why not ask us about some of the creative ways we can put together a killer portrait from a number of separate sessions that work around your hectic holiday schedule?