As we set up our studio we are faced with many, many choices.  Too many to count, even.  Well, okay, they are too many to count because I’m keeping track of all my projects in Omni Groups’ fantastic OmniFocus which I implemented after Jen and I both read David Allen’s terrific book on mastering stress-free productivity.  Whilst I’m uber-excited about finally having all the junk in my head neatly organised in a system I can trust – and let me tell you what a difference this has made ’cause no longer do I go to bed and fight with reminders of all the things I need to – this post isn’t about productivity systems.  Phew, that was a close call.  Just about went waaaay off track there.

Just a sec – chocolate break – Jen just brought me a hot chocolate…. yumm-o!

Okay, right.  So, setting up our studio, we’ve had a lot of choices to make.  One of the most significant choices was how to adequately display samples of our art.  This might seem fairly straightforward, but since our studio is in our home, our examples had to reflect our lifestyle and be art that we wanted to have as a part of our everyday lives.  Since we are passionate about the benefits fabulous wall art and albums bring to our clients having images we feel the same way about in our own home was really important to us.

When we were living in Australia, our best friends, the Cordys, became our “adopted” family.  Just before we left Aussie to come back to Canada we created some beautiful family portraits of our friends in the Outback bush near our home.  The image up top is our absolute favourite portrait of them and it now hangs in a central place in our home as an incredible 30×60 inch gallery wrap canvas mounted in a floating frame.

When I ordered this image from our awesome printer in Calgary and decided on top of the line Breathing Colour canvas, I wondered about how it was going to fit in to our home.  Would the size be adequate?  Too much?  Not enough?  I needn’t have worried.  It looks amazing!  I can’t begin to tell you how much joy having this art hanging above our stairs is bringing us, having our “family” with us and not tucked away in a corner or on a shelf to be seen on dusting day.  And yes, we have had a few cries too, as we miss these guys so much!

I’ll be honest.  This is the largest photograph I have produced.  Even as a photographer, I had my doubts about the ability to print large portraits from cameras today without the incredible resolution of medium and large format cameras.  But when I look at the quality of this print, I am in awe of what can be created with a great image, amazing media (the canvas) and a printer who is committed to excellence in his art of printing.