Yes, it’s that time of year again, with Thanksgiving around the corner, Scouts at the shops selling apples, freezers filled with local produce for winter, bellies filled with the most incredible sweet corn, pumpkins ripe in the fields, combines going like the clackers to get the harvest off the field before it rains or frosts, leaves turning a multitude of vibrant fall colours and the evening sun casting an incredible warm glow across fields, on trees, hills and barns.

I love this time of year in Canada.  Mornings crisp.  Days still warm.  Cool to sleep at night.  Mosquitos a faint buzzing memory of spring and summer.

As a photographer, the opportunities are endless and oh so fleeting.  Every day is different from the last as the first early turning trees go first, seemingly on by themselves, then a few more trees have a bit of colour.  Next thing you know there are trees without any leaves on them standing side by side with trees which are still green.  Bam, a hint of yellow and orange appears across the hills and down the streets.  Next day, it looks like the world is on fire (well, if you live in oak and maple country, anyway) with leaves fire red, glowing orange, and school bus yellow. Then, what’s this, snow?  Hmmm, you might think I’m jumping the gun on the snow whilst September is still on the calendar, but my good friend Marisa noted on facebook that it was snowing at the EKATI Diamond Mine today.  And so as a photographer, every day is an opportunity for a different photograph, even standing in the same place each time.

Dad and I have been out scouting for just such colour and opportunities.  Driving around the Horseshoe Valley area.  Went up to the cottage yesterday to fetch one of the boats home and took the back route home looking for whatever there might be to see.  The trees at the lake weren’t in their full glory yet, though the early sugar maple at Perkis’ cottage was already fully fire red.  Another week perhaps.

And that, I suppose, brings me to my point today.  If you are thinking about fall portraits for your family, there is still time to get organised, but don’t wait much longer.  Those leaves will be piled deeep on our lawns before we know it.