All in all, a pretty exciting day for me today.  For the last couple weeks since finalising our identity package with Chad and his awesome creative graphic design team at Rhubarb Media I have been working pretty hard at laying out the website design, choosing images, formating, tweaking, curating, starting over, redesigning, etc etc. You get the idea. It’s been quite a challenge to get there.

Just when I thought I had a really good start on things, I sent my links over to my really good friend Pamela for some feedback.  Pamela, a fine art black and white portrait photographer who specialises in real life documentary photography, actually deserves a blog post of own, so maybe we’ll do that in the near future, eh?  Sorry, as I was saying, Pamela really helped me simplify the website design and then provided some awesome feedback that really helped me curate my collection of imagery to what you see now at our website.  And as if that wasn’t enough, I solicited feedback from a group of people with whom I’ve been studying business techniques with all summer and had a whole heap of more tweaking to do today.  Funny, when I went to bed last night, I really did think I would wake up in the morning and hit the publish button. Wrong!  It did go up today though, phew.

In reviewing my work from the past year to choose the best images for our website, it really struck me how my style has developed this past year.  I started out presenting almost all of my portraits in a vertical orientation with a few being presented square.  As the year progressed, I started embracing a horizontal format and eventually progressing to the ultra-wide aspect imagery you see predominately on the website.  I’m really excited about this format because, for me, it has incredible impact.  I just love the way an image looks and feels when displayed really wide like this.

Right!  Well, I really just want to say “PHEW!” out loud to the world that our website had been released into the wild.

Take care.



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