Earlier this year, a photographer friend of mine, Sabrina Henry, posted an interview with me on her blog “the chronicles of learning photography”.  I rather kept the interview a bit quiet as it was letting the cat out of the bag a bit.  Several months prior to this article coming out Jen and I had come to the conclusion that we needed to make a change in our lives and that living in Roxby really wasn’t working for us anymore.  We hadn’t quiet decided what the change was going to be, when it would come or just where we might end up, but we did have a pretty good idea.  We hadn’t made any irreversible decisions so broadcasting this feature wasn’t something we could do at the time.

Regardless, when Sabrina asked me to answer a few questions she did warn me that I didn’t get a choice of questions and that I had to choose just one image to go with the interview post.  Arg.  At first I thought it would be a hard choice, but in the end it was pretty easy to choose this image from the Schubert’s family portrait session.  This image one of my favourite family portraits.  It was taken last winter in the Outback near Roxby Downs when the desert had exploded into massive bloom for the first time in decades.  The Schuberts were surrounded with wild parsnips and had a fabulous time exploring the flower-covered dunes while I captured these precious moments for them.  I love how this image portrays just how close Kara and Jay are with their children.

Now that we have launched Houlden Studios, I felt it was fitting that we bring this interview showcase at Sabrina’s blog out to the forefront again.  Check it out here.